Disclaimer: Though you will be receiving powerful spiritual revelation and assistance, this expert advice site has established a ‘For entertainment purposes only’ policy. Know that I am here for you. However, in accordance with site policies, the client receiving the psychic readings and services is responsible for all of their actions and choices. You have free will, within the confines of your/our Divine Destiny, to make the most of your situation. The client is responsible for their own choices without exception. We are God-body, in the flesh. ***This guarantee will not cover client interference with the work – obviously.

**The Guarantee will not cover complications concealed during the initial consultation – most certainly.

***The Guarantee will not cover ritual work done were the client does not partake in a divination for the work to be done; specifics about the ritual work and offering come explicitly and directly from The Fa. ***

***We do not guarantee work were a client will only accept regular ritual work were Urgent Care is truly what is needed as expressed by The Fa. ***

The High Priest, Priestess and Practitioners are exempt from any liability for decisions made or actions taken by the client at any time. By purchasing a reading or by clicking hire, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehend and agree with the above disclaimer. Know that All is a Blessing; Ase! I am available 24/7/365/360*

* My clients have generally have seen results within 30 to 90 days, some more immediately. Like all faith-based magical and healing practices, the level of commitment and faith exercised by the persons involved greatly affect the manifestation of spiritual gifts. In more extreme cases people have had more extreme results. Keeping in mind Karmic repercussions in all things, I generally do not work cases where I feel I cannot obtain reliable and consistent results. *


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All is a Blessing!

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