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My BTR Show in Archive! Host | Member since Dec 23, 2008


​​*I am also an Ordained and Licensed Minister with the Universal Life Church.

House of the Divine Prince is a Voodoo Spiritual Church.

The Universal Life Church has only two tenets:

To promote Freedom of Religion 
To do that which is right

Allow me to utilize my years of experience and my wealth of universal knowledge of a diverse variety of world religions, religious paths, practices, cultures and traditions.

I am a Master Spiritualist after immersing myself for almost half a century in the study of World Religions and Spiritual Knowledge.

I have mastered many major Tarot decks and styles and have developed my own unique, original, and highly accurate usage of the Tarot, Crystal Light Work, and Herb and Root Work to read into health, wellness, love and relationships, business and finance.

“All is a Blessing IF you can just see beyond the veils; it is ‘all’ just an illusion and one of the greatest mysteries of this life path.”

~The Divine Prince

I am the Authentic Hoodoo Obeah High Priest; Don't be fooled by any imitators! Now let me help; I specialize in Results!

*Please understand, NOT everyone will be happy with what Divine Spirit and the Guides may say through The Divine Prince from the Spirit Realms.

~It is part of the equation for any true spiritual reader.

*Spirit will often reveal information which maybe hidden, what one may be in denial of and what is important, crucial and pertinent.

*Not everyone is at the same point of growth along his or her spiritual journey, not everyone is ready to hear the Truth, not everyone is ready to move beyond co-dependency and abusive relationships and not everyone is ready for spiritual liberation from self-defeating behavior or thinking.

*Not everyone is ready to fully understand and comply with the “Divine Law of Mirrors” and to confront that very thing, from within which maybe impeding personal, financial, career and business progress.

~However, if you are, you have come to the right place.


Please, do not be fooled by any imitators! I am a Divinely Gifted and Highly Favored Hoodoo/Voodoo Obeah-Bokor High Priest.

I am humbly here to assist you in any endeavor.

The value of my work is in its effectiveness and ability to gain positive, long-lasting results.

Do you want to just talk about it OR are you really ready to do something about it and your circumstance??

Psychics can predict but Hoodoo and Obeah get results!!!


I am world renowned and also known by many as the New Orleans Divine Prince, HoodooTyE, VoodooTyE and SadhuTyE.

They are only representative of past and present powerful incarnations as a spiritualist that I have been afforded the Divine Blessing of having access to in this life cycle to utilize in my Ministry.

I have been doing Spiritual Work of one form or another since I was in elementary school doing ‘automated-writing’ in the lunch room.

I'm formally initiated in a diverse collective of Traditional Pan African based religious Paths and Traditions by The Ancestors with the powerful and sometimes fearful practice of Obeah.

I can only tell you the truth; I can only perform the Divine Will of the Universe; this is not always popular but my first commitment is to the spiritual growth and evolution of the persons who seek my services and the Divine Will of the Most High. I will never steer you wrong and if I can’t help you I will refer you to someone else onsite who can help you. I have connections to some of the most powerful practitioners in the South, the country and the world. I specialize in doing battle!