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Pan African Spiritualist, Advisor and Vendor of African Products and Ritual Items.
The Kings Chamber

Alaafia! Welcome to The Kings Chamber "The dwelling place of Kings, Prophets and Gods!"
~The Divine Prince


The House of the Divine Prince Kings Chamber is dedicated to the Men's ministries, Houses, leaders, Practitioners, Master Teachers, Institutions, businesses, promotions, products and community and grass roots organizations and of course, The Kings!

                                         Featuring Bon Hougan Kapab

Doctor Mandrake


Long before the idea of predicting the future,there was the word. And from the word came existence and all thereafter. and only from this word can: all of your questions be answered! all of your problems be solved! and all of your desires become reality! As a seventh son of a seventh generation,I was born with the ability to see the past ,the present,the future and the unknown. And it is my distinct pleasure to bring forth messages of love and truth to you. I make no claims of knowing how these gifts work,because God works in mysterious ways and who are we to intellectualize such magnificence. Unlike others I have no need or reason to try to convince you of how brilliant I am, because I am not! I am simply a man with a gift that was given to me to serve you. For well over 30 years I have helped people mend broken relationships,find Love,attract Happiness,and acquire Prosperity. I have traveled the world and witnessed "first hand" some of the greatest wonders of the world,but none can compare to the greatness that God created in you. It is my mission in life to guide you in the right direction to find that which you are seeking in life. So! If you want to be entertained go to a fortuneteller,but if you want answers Call The Doctor and expect miracles!


Spirituality with an emphasis on raising your level of consciousness...With Big Steve!

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